DuimoFit has the most effective wellness routines to take you exactly where you want to go regardless of your current fitness level and age!  Remember this, old age is not an illness it is just a number.  Just because we get older does not mean we have to be sick or unhealthy.  Living to an older age is a blessing, being well at an older age is a choice!  There is much joy to experience as we go through our time here on earth, join me and lets show those following us how we do this thing called life the DuimoFit way!  Contact us now for times, locations and all other questions!


From beginner to advanced from white belt to high ranking black belt from a couple of self defense moves to a complete combative system, DuimoFit Combat is right for you! Kicking, punching, striking, falling, rolling, throwing, take downs, choking, pressure points, vital striking points and of course defense and escapes from all the fore mentioned.  Oh and don't forget about weapons training and defense for weapons!  Nothing less than awesomeness with DuimoFit Combat!  Contact us now for times, locations and all other questions!      


Nothing beats group motivation if you are not the self starter type, which is the majority of people, so don't feel bad, jump in DuimoFit Group Routines and away we go to your goals, its that simple!  We are so energized here at DuimoFit that all you need to do is show up, boom that's it, simple right!  Contact us now for times, locations and all other questions! 


When you want a head start or have special needs or just don't want to work out in front of others, then nothing goes better with your personal success than private or semi private sessions with the DuimoFit personal fitness crew!  Contact us now for times, locations and all other questions!

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