I’ve been the owner and general manager of Key 2 Fitness for over 7 years, and oversee more than 20 personal trainers. After a 20 year absence from training in the Koei-Kan Karate Do system, I was reunited with Sensei Greg Duimovich and have now been training with him for the past year. I appreciate his years of experience and tremendous knowledge of the martial arts, proper exercise regimes, and nutrition. Sensei Duimovich’s abilities, combined with his recognition of my exercise and wellness needs as I journey later into life, are why he’s in my corner as my personal trainer and martial arts instructor.                       Brian Sawicki                                                                                                                                                                   Key 2 Fitness                                                                                                                                                                         324 State Street                                                                                                                                                           Santa Barbara, CA 93101                                                                                                               Mykey2fitness@gmail.com

"When I started training with Greg I weighed 160 pounds. I reached my goal of 130 within a few months of training in the DuimoFit system!  He was firm but patient and very encouraging. He made me believe in myself and convinced me I could do it!!! He always keeps our workouts interesting and different so I never get bored. He has so many different ways to work every muscle that are unique and fun. The hour workout always seem to go by so quickly. I thoroughly enjoy training with him and the results are fast and lasting.  Thank you Sensei Greg Duimovich, I am looking forward to our next workout soon!"  

Dana D.

"I've been training with Greg for several years now. We work together in multiple settings and in different styles. He's great at customizing workouts based on whatever you need at the time. He's always supportive and positive. Right now we're having great fun with InTrinity workouts at Key2Fitness Gym. I'm loving them. I always look forward to the next excitingworkout!  Thanks to Sensei GDuimo and his DuimoFit workout system, I am on my way to achieving my personal fitness goals!"

 Fran B.  

"There are truly not enough positive things I can say about Sensei Duimo and the training I have received from him. For the last two years he has taught me the fundamentals of karate. This practice has been extremely beneficial for both my body and mind. My flexibility, strength and physical endurance have all greatly improved from my training with him. Sensei Duimo is a unique and unparalleled trainer in that he truly invests in the well being and overall growth of those he works with. You will not find a trainer who is more dedicated to his students or who has a greater knowledge of the art of karate and physical training."

Daniel P.

"Sensei Gregory Duimovich is teaching and training me to be a stronger and better person.  His karate and strength work outs have helped my surfing and tennis by leaps and bounds. Six months so far and I feel so much better."

Brad Blue, student


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